Need for Speed Unbound: Glory to Disappointment


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Reflecting on the Golden Days A Nostalgic Journey through Need for Speed Take a stroll down memory lane, reminiscing about the glorious times when badass cars ruled the streets in Need for Speed games. Once a pinnacle of racing excellence, the franchise has taken an unexpected turn with ‘ NFS Unbound.’

The Cash Grab Critique:

Laziness and Prioritizing Car Collections Addressing the elephant in the room – the accusations of laziness and cash-grabbing surrounding ‘Unbound.’ The game seems to prioritize a vast car collection over a compelling gaming experience, leaving fans questioning the direction of their once-beloved series.

Exposing Plot Holes and Missing Narratives:

‘Need For Speed Unbound’ Glaring Issues Explore the glaring issues within ‘Unbound,’ particularly the absence of a gripping plot or story. The game appears to favour quantity over quality, deviating from the glory days of Need for Speed.

Reconsidering Car Overload

The Need for Selective Garages Questioning the necessity of a garage full of cars for street races. ‘Unbound’ seems to have forgotten the joy of mastering select vehicles, diluting the unique feel of each ride.

Assessing Levels and RPG Elements

A Shift in Gameplay Dynamics Critiquing the shift towards a levelling system that transforms cars into characters, reminiscent of anime, rather than evolving gameplay. Remember the days when upgrading a ride meant fine-tuning performance, not turning it into a character needing to level up.

EA’s Missed Opportunity

A Comparative Reflection Comparing ‘Unbound’ to the successful blueprints of games like Need for Speed Most Wanted and Heat. Highlighting the need for a return to the fundamentals that made the series outstanding. Hoping that EA Games revisits the essence and steers the next installment back on the right track. Until then, cherishing memories of past Need for Speed titles and holding out for a resurgence.”


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