Nintendo Switch 2 Rumors: What We Know So Far


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The Nintendo Switch 2 has been the talk of the gaming community, with rumours swirling about the potential new gaming console. While Nintendo has yet to officially announce the Nintendo Switch 2, rumours about the handheld successor to the Nintendo Switch have been circulating for over a year. Many believe that the Switch 2 will be a follow-up to the immensely popular Nintendo Switch, known for its innovative hybrid design.

Speculation about the power and features of the Nintendo Switch 2 suggests that Nintendo will continue its iterative approach to handheld machines, aiming to deliver improvements in power and display. With a potential release date in 2024, players can’t help but anticipate what the Switch 2 will bring to the table.

Rumours also indicate a possible price point of $349 to $399 for the Nintendo Switch 2, which aligns with the pricing strategy of its predecessor. As for expected specs and features, the Switch 2 is rumoured to have a custom chipset, enhanced storage capacity, upgraded Joy-Cons, improved Wi-Fi connectivity, and potential backward compatibility with existing Switch games.

Potential Release Date and Price

Although the official release date of the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch 2 has yet to be announced, rumours have been circulating about a potential launch in 2024. While some sources speculate a release in the first quarter of the year, others indicate that it may take place in the second half. An intriguing specific date that has caught the attention of enthusiasts is September 24, 2024, which originates from a leaked press release. Although its validity remains uncertain, it has sparked excitement among fans.

Turning our attention to the price, industry whispers suggest that the Nintendo Switch 2 could fall within the price range of $349 to $399. This estimate aligns with the price points of previous Nintendo consoles and reflects the expected improvements and features of the new gaming system. Furthermore, there are indications that Nintendo may introduce two versions of the Switch 2. The first would be a digital-only version, catering to gamers who prefer downloading games directly onto their console. The second version would support physical game cartridges, offering a tangible gaming experience for those who enjoy collecting physical copies of their favourite titles.

To give a better visual depiction of the rumours surrounding the Nintendo Switch 2, take a look at the leaked press release below:

“Nintendo’s highly anticipated gaming console, the Nintendo Switch 2, is set to revolutionize the gaming industry once again. With a potential release date in the second half of 2024, the gaming world is abuzz with excitement. Priced between $349 and $399, fans can expect an incredible gaming experience with enhanced graphics, power, and features. Stay tuned for further updates as we approach the launch date.”

While the leaked press release provides some insight into the potential release date and price of the Nintendo Switch 2, it is crucial to remember that these details are still speculative. As we eagerly await official confirmation from Nintendo, let’s keep our fingers crossed that the next-generation console will exceed our expectations.

Rumoured Design and Specs

The Nintendo Switch 2, the highly anticipated successor to the popular hybrid handheld console, is expected to retain the beloved design of its predecessor. With the ability to seamlessly switch between handheld and TV modes, players can enjoy their gaming experience wherever they go.

One of the notable rumours surrounding the Nintendo Switch 2 is the potential use of a downgraded LCD screen, replacing the OLED screen found in the Switch OLED model. While this may be a disappointment to some, it could contribute to cost-saving measures and ultimately make the console more accessible to a wider audience.

As for internal specifications, the Switch 2 is rumoured to be powered by a chipset from Nvidia, possibly a custom chipset or a next-generation version of the Nvidia Tegra X1 chip. While the exact power and clock speeds remain unknown, there is great anticipation for the Switch 2 to deliver a more robust gaming experience compared to its predecessor.

In addition to the expected power upgrade, other rumoured features include enhanced storage capacity, upgraded Joy-Cons for improved gameplay, and improved Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless online gaming experiences.

Nintendo Switch 2 design

Display and Features

The display of the Nintendo Switch 2 has become a topic of speculation among gaming enthusiasts. Rumors suggest that the Switch 2 may feature an OLED panel, similar to the one found in the Switch OLED model. This display technology offers vibrant colours, deep blacks, and improved contrast, providing an enhanced gaming experience.

There is also anticipation for a potential boost in refresh rates for the Switch 2’s display. While the current Switch has a 60Hz display, rumours indicate that the Switch 2 could potentially have a 120Hz display. This would result in smoother animations and more fluid gameplay.

However, recent reports about Sharp, a well-known display manufacturer, working on a new LCD panel for a “new gaming console” have raised concerns. Some speculate that Nintendo may opt for an LCD panel instead of OLED to keep production costs down. LCD panels, although more affordable, may not offer the same level of visual quality as OLED panels.

Another interesting feature that has been rumored for the Switch 2 is the implementation of magnetic field controls. These controls would allow players to interact with the console by using gestures and movements in a magnetic field. While the details regarding this feature are scarce, it has the potential to revolutionize the way players engage with their games.

Nintendo Switch 2 display

Aside from the display technology, the Nintendo Switch 2 is also expected to address some other areas. One such area is the battery life, as the current Switch’s battery capacity has been a concern for many users. Improvements in battery technology could result in longer play sessions without the need for frequent recharging.

Enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity is also on the radar for the Switch 2. With online gaming becoming increasingly popular, a better Wi-Fi connection would ensure smoother and more stable multiplayer experiences. This could make a significant difference for gamers who enjoy playing with friends online.

Expected Games and Backwards Compatibility

While we await the official confirmation of launch titles for the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch 2, rumors have been circulating about some potential games that could be available. One exciting possibility is Metroid Prime 4 being a potential launch title for the Switch 2. The anticipation for this game is high, and fans would be thrilled if it debuts alongside the new console.

Another game that has been mentioned in relation to the Switch 2 is the highly acclaimed Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Reports suggest that this stunning remake could showcase the power and capabilities of the Switch 2, allowing players to experience the iconic adventure on a new level.

Additionally, there are rumours surrounding the Bayonetta Trilogy potentially making its way to the Switch 2. These action-packed games have garnered a dedicated fan base, and the enhanced visuals and performance on the new console would undoubtedly elevate the experience.

Furthermore, there have been talks about a new 3D Mario title launching alongside the Switch 2. The beloved plumber has had a long history of delivering exceptional platforming adventures, and fans can’t wait to see what Nintendo has in store for Mario on the new console.

When it comes to backward compatibility, it is expected that the Switch 2 will be compatible with existing Switch games. This means that players can continue enjoying their current library of games on the new console, providing a seamless transition and ensuring the preservation of their gaming experiences.

Nintendo’s commitment to the future of the Nintendo Account system further supports the likelihood of backward compatibility, as the company strives to provide a cohesive and connected gaming experience for players across its platforms.

Exciting Games and Seamless Transition

“Fans of the Metroid Prime series have long awaited the release of Metroid Prime 4, and the possibility of it being a launch title for the Nintendo Switch 2 is absolutely thrilling. It would undoubtedly showcase the power of the new console and provide an immersive experience for players.”


The rumours surrounding the Nintendo Switch 2 paint a picture of an exciting next-generation console from Nintendo. With an anticipated launch in 2024, the Switch 2 is expected to bring significant improvements in power, display, and features compared to its predecessor.

The Switch 2 is likely to continue Nintendo’s successful handheld-console hybrid concept, allowing players to enjoy gaming on the go or on the big screen. This innovative design has been a game-changer for Nintendo, and the Switch 2 is expected to build upon its predecessor’s success.

While the exact details of the Switch 2 remain unconfirmed, the rumours suggest an exciting future for Nintendo gamers. The potential specs and features, combined with a potential launch in 2024, make the Switch 2 an eagerly anticipated console.

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